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News 06.10.2021

Business Cheetahs and Diamonds of Polish Economy 2020 – next awards for Bruk.

Once again our company has been awarded by Instytut Europejskiego Biznesu (European Business Institute) in all competitions organized by the institution. Based on the analysis of reliable financial data from the National Court Register we have received awards in the 15th edition of the Business Cheetahs 2020 competition (original name: Gepardy Biznesu 2020) and in the 13th edition of the Diamonds of Polish Economy 2020 competition (original name: Brylanty Polskiej Gospodarki).

Organized since 2006 by the European Business Institute, the Business Cheetahs competition awards distinctions to dynamically growing companies, which in the audited period obtain an appropriate average of the dynamics of revenue and net profit. The competition Diamonds of Polish Economy was established in 2008. It awards the title to companies whose market value reaches the competition’s intended threshold.

The European Business Institute and the Entrepreneurs Magazine “Europejska Firma” (“European Company”) have been analyzing the financial results of companies for 15 years. Based on official and reliable financial data submitted by companies to the National Court Register – about 200,000 companies were examined. Publicly and generally available data underlies the rankings and analyses that help to verify the credibility and reliability of business partners.

We are proud to once again be included in this group.

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