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News 27.11.2023

Diamond Statuette of Fair Play Enterprise for Bruk!

More fantastic news on the eve of the end of the year. The Diamond Statuette of the 2023 Fair Play Enterprise (original name: Przedsiębiorstwo Fair Play) proves that we have been consistently recognized in a program that promotes ethical action in business for 15 years now!

The certificate is awarded to companies that are guided by integrity in their operations, abide by the rules, act fairly towards customers and employees, conscientiously fulfill commitments, and demonstrate corporate social responsibility.

The competition, affiliated with Krajowa Izba Gospodarcza (Polish Chamber of Commerce) and organized by Instytut Badań nad Demokracją i Przedsiębiorstwem Prywatnym (Institute for Private Enterprise and Democracy Research), grants the most recognizable award in the field of business ethics.

The program consists of two stages, and candidates for the award undergo a detailed verification process. Evaluation of companies is carried out by regional and nationwide committees composed of representatives from administration and local governments, banks and financial institutions, universities, business organizations, the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS), and tax authorities. The whole is supervised by the Chapter, which includes authorities of political and business spheres.

We are proud that once again our philosophy of operation and the values we uphold have been recognized and rewarded with a prestigious award.




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