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multicolor like no other

Multicolored mélange – one of the most popular techniques for coloring paving stones, available from all manufacturers under various names.

What sets us apart?

  • color blending inspired by natural color combinations; the surface pattern is perceived as more natural and striking
  • unique color variation in each paving stone: the mélange effect becomes visible on a larger surface
  • less repetition means greater uniqueness in the pattern.
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unique product variants

Our proprietary solutions stand out from the competition

  • TRIKOLOR – a pavement visually perceived as a mosaic of 3 colors; distinguished from Multicolor by a reduced incidence of several colors and a clearer separation of the combined colors. .
  • GALAXY – a smooth surface visually reminiscent of washed stones; a motif resembling irregularly scattered aggregates in a color contrasting with the paving stone (black on white and white on black).
  • GEOMETRIKA: a set of 2 concrete slabs with different textures: one smooth and the other complemented by geometric structure.
  • BRUK’US, a traditional openwork slab with a modern twist.

product innovations

that represent a top-of-the-line design,
they offer a multitude of solutions to unleash YOUR potential and bring YOUR ideas to life.

  • VJETRA® – ECO paving stone honored with the Red Dot Award 2022. Enables the creation of solid and biologically active surfaces. Unleashes nearly limitless possibilities for crafting water-permeable patterns.
  • MANDAL® – a blend of beauty and utility that stands in stark contrast to minimalism. This paving stone creates decorative surface patterns in an ECO-friendly spirit.
  • REFLEX SURFACE – a light-reflecting concrete surface. It is created by incorporating thousands of reflective microgranules into the top layer. It does not emit light on its own.
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a new dimension of exterior design.

one space, three options,
over a dozen space design possibilities

discover the potential of our products

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