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News 29.06.2023

“Product in the context of space”: projects with Vjetra® at the Silesian University of Technology.

In March this year, we initiated a collaboration with the Silesian University of Technology, as a result of which students from the Faculty of Architecture, the Department of Fine Arts and Design began design and study work under the theme “Product in the context of space”.

The main goal of the semester assignment was to apply Vjetra® paving stones in a public setting. The overarching idea was the proper, innovative, and creative integration of the product’s potential within the context of architecture, utilizing its ecological aspect.

From among more than a dozen diverse proposals, including the Recreation and Interfaculty Cooperation Center, the proposal for the re-development of the Doncaster Square in Gliwice or the Project for a City Park in Gliwice’s Krakowski Square (Plac Krakowski), the evaluation panel, consisting of dr inż. arch. Katarzyna ROSŁON, dr inż. arch. Anna KOSSAK, dr hab. inż. arch. Andrzej CIOSEK, Agnieszka Krasowska and mgr inż. arch. Adam Maroszek selected the 3 best works. Their authors were awarded prizes sponsored by our company, amounting to PLN 2000:

1st place winner: Łukasz Michowski, project for the center for recreation and interfaculty cooperation.
2nd place winner: Wiktoria Ptasznik: project for cubicles for students on the campus of the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice, based on the plan of Vjetra® paving stones.
3rd place winner: Agata Zalas: project for the development of the campus of the Silesian University of Technology using Vjetra® paving stones

We are pleased that the collaboration has brought forth so many interesting projects and has confirmed the immense design potential of Vjetra® paving stones.



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