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News 21.07.2023

Bruk Brand as the Consumer Quality Leader 2023!

“A wide selection, good quality, high-quality materials, distinctive aesthetics, durability, solid paving stones, recommended by professionals” – these are some of the opinions from our customers that led us to achieve an excellent 3rd place in this year’s edition of the program, earning us the bronze emblem of the program in the category of paving stones.

Consumer Quality Leader is a consumer program that identifies the best quality brands and companies operating in the Polish market, according to customer opinions.

Although this year’s edition is already the 12th, its goal invariably remains the same: to identify Quality Leaders in the field of products and services. The surveys conducted are designed to: identify leaders, gather opinions from active consumers, collect information on the quality of products and services. Respondents’ statements provide knowledge about why certain products are chosen as the best and what associations they evoke. The research methods used in 2023 included questionnaire surveys, conducted also online. The surveys were carried out on a sample of over 15,000 consumers who clearly identified quality leaders.

We are incredibly proud that our products are associated with quality, good style, and durability by our customers. Thank you very much for your trust.




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