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Decorative concrete elements – do you need it?

Decorative concrete elements, as all accessories, are worth having because they always cross the t’s and dot the i’s. In the case of concrete elements, this concerns not only visual issues, but – most importantly – the durability and stability of the paved surface.

Decorative concrete elements used around the house include primarily edging and palisades. These relatively small elements can play a big role around the house. Why?

1. They are practical…

Both palisades and edging have primarily utility functions: they become a practical edging for surfaces made of paving stones and slabs, protecting them from shifting and destruction of the edges. They can also organize or separate various areas around the house: walkways, paths, flowerbeds, lawns, slopes, ponds. Finally, they can protect against, for example, spilling of soil, bark or deformation of garden forms made.

2. … and decorative…

The utility function of palisades and edging does not exclude their decorative role. The different types of structures, shapes, and colors that these products come in allow you to match them to the style of your property, to the chosen colors of paving stones or slabs, and allow you to create many striking garden solutions.

Decorative concrete elements are perfect for decorative finishing of stairs, terraces or slopes. Palisades are a very good material to use in gardens where there are level differences. They will help in effective arrangement and organization of such space.

3. … but do you need them?

The answer is simple: yes.

If you want the surface made of paving stones or slabs to be not only visually attractive, but above all stable, you should use edging in the form of concrete edging or palisades. Yes, if you want the surroundings of your house to be well organized and tidy. And finally, yes, if you want your property to look really impressive

  • First: not all decorative concrete elements will fit the style of your house and garden. The offer of concrete products is rich, so you will have no problems with finding those that will fit well in the surroundings of your property if you follow one simple rule: square products work better in the surroundings of modern houses, and round ones should be reserved for houses in traditional style. Appropriately used split elements will work well in both styles. When making selection, you should also try not to use too many solutions. Remember that more does not mean better.
  • Second: pay attention to technical issues. The pieces of concrete decorative elements vary in size, but we install them at an average depth of 1/4 – 1/3 of their height. Therefore, it may turn out that the installed products will not meet your expectations in terms of their appearance because some of them will be underground. Because as you know: the devil is in the details.

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