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Standard and noble surfaces – do you know what you are paying for?

Paving stones and slabs are often referred to as standard or noble, and as a result, they vary in price. What do these terms mean? Should they influence our purchasing decisions?

To understand the most significant differences between standard and noble surfaces, it is necessary to refer to the manufacturing process itself. The times when paving stones and slabs were made with a concrete mixer and human hands are long gone. Today, concrete products are created with the help of machines based on specialized formulas, using a variety of raw materials. In contrast to standard products, BRUK noble products are subject to specialized treatment and coloring methods that affect their high aesthetic and usable values, durability and functionality.

Standard surface Noble surface
High durability and functionality yes yes
Treatments improving aesthetic and functional values: no yes: depending on the surface type:

  • special treatment or dyeing methods
  • technologies improving the utility value (BCQ, BPQ,BEQ, surface impregnation, washing)
Special raw materials, including noble ones no yes: depending on the surface type: white cement, inorganic pigments, high-grade aggregates.
Number of surface types: 1 type:

  • standard
several types:

  • Multikolor (color melanges),
  • Callisto (washed surfaces),
  • Galaxy (a topcoat motif resembling irregularly scattered aggregate)
  •  Techno (smooth, lacquered Modern Line surfaces),
Colors A few basic ones: graphite, gray and red. Dozens: depending on the surface type

For an even better understanding of what characterizes each noble surface, it is useful to read an in-depth description of each of them:

Surface type MULTIKOLOR: a multi-color palette of color melanges. CALLISTO: rough and exclusive surfaces TECHNO: a modern surface available in the Modern Line collection, GALAXY: a topcoat motif resembling irregularly scattered aggregate
Special processing method yes: specialized dyeing method yes: specialized washing method yes: specialized dyeing method yes: specialized method of applying the top layer
Raw materials Careful selection of raw materials, organic dyes and white cement. The use of high-grade aggregates. Careful selection of raw materials, organic dyes and white cement. Careful selection of raw materials, organic dyes and white cement
Number of colors 10 7 4 2
Impregnation Bulk hydrophobic treatment (BPQ) Bulk hydrophobic treatment (BPQ); surface impregnation Bulk hydrophobic treatment (BPQ); surface impregnation Bulk hydrophobic treatment (BPQ); surface impregnation
Technologies used BCQ, BPQ, BEQ BPQ, BEQ BCQ, BPQ, BEQ BCQ, BPQ, BEQ
Additional features yes: increased slip resistance
Awards Highest Quality International 2021 Golden Emblem in the category QI Product – the highest quality product.
Available patterns: paving stones: Nova’k, Vjetra®, Metro, Metro XL,  Wena, Grand, Bruk Prosty, Fantazja, Trend, Mosaic. paving stones: Wena, Bruk Prosty, Grand, Fantazja. paving stones: Vjetra®, Master, Master XL , Perfect, Smart, paving stones: Metro, Metro XL
slabs: Magnum, VIVA, Linea, ecoLinea. slabs: Simple slabs:  Multi, Solid, Style, ecoSolid, Cube. slabs:  Magnum, Simple.

A very important feature of Bruk noble surfaces is the use of original technologies in the production process, called Bruk Color Quality and Bruk Protect Quality. Depending on the type of surface, the systems can be used together or separately:

Bruk Color Quality (BCQ) is a technology mainly based on the careful selection of raw materials and the use of white cement and inorganic dyes. Thanks to this, the products are given intense and long-lasting colors Bruk Protect Quality (BPQ) is an impregnation system improving the stones resistance to moisture and dirt, facilitating cleaning, protecting the surface against penetration of rainwater, thanks to which the paving stones do not crack, do not peel in freezing temperatures and the formation of lime deposit is hindered. Bruk Eco Quality (BEQ) is an innovative formula based primarily on the optimization of the production process and the use of raw materials reducing the carbon footprint of concrete, and thus reducing carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere.

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