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Pattern versus surface type – a simple recipe for navigating the world of paving stones and slabs.

The variety of colors and types of paving products available on the market can make many of us dizzy. However, you only need to familiarize yourself with the meaning of two terms to easily find your way through this seemingly incomprehensible product maze. So let’s learn what the pattern and surface type are.

Is one of the basic terms to characterize paving products. Concrete paving stones and slabs come in a variety of patterns. We can define each of them as an inseparable set of elements, or in our case, a set of stones or slabs. The number of elements in each set can vary (one, several, or even a dozen). The elements within the set vary in size, but have the same thickness. Each pattern (set of elements) is given a name. This is why we can put an equals sign between the pattern and the product name.

Below are some examples of patterns of paving stones and slabs:


Bruk offers 6 basic types surfaces of paving stones and slabs:


  • a rough surface created as a result of using a specialized washing method;
  • the manufacturing process uses high-grade aggregates, proprietary BPQ and BEQ technology and surface impregnation;
  • rich color palette: ambra, bianco, bronzo, granito, nero, vero, mokka


  • so-called color melanges with multicolored surface
  • the production process uses carefully selected raw materials, inorganic pigments and white cement, which results in a unique color intensity;
  • technology used: BCQ, BPQ and BEQ
  • rich color palette: gothic, diamond, colors of shell, colors of autumn, light, york, dark, corten, natur, carrot.


  •  a three-color palette of color melanges
  • reduced incidence of several colors on a single piece and a clearer separation of the combined colors on the surface
  • visually the paving is perceived as being laid with blocks of 3 colors
  • color palette: carrot, pixel, camel.


  • single-colored surface, available in the Modern Line collection;
  • the production process uses carefully selected raw materials, inorganic pigments and white cement, which results in a unique color intensity;
  • technology used: BCQ, BPQ and BEQ;
  • two-step surface impregnation;
  • minimalistic color palette: white, gray, steel, carbon.


  • black and white colors combinations;
  • a topcoat motif resembling irregularly scattered aggregate;
  • technology used: BCQ, BPQ and BEQ;
  • color palette: white galaxy, carbon galaxy.


  • single-colored surface;
  • in the production process no treatments are applied to improve aesthetic and utility values;
  • limited color palette: gray, red graphite.

So how does the paving stone pattern relate to the surface? It is a very simple relationship: each paving stone pattern can come in different types of surfaces, and therefore different colors. Possibilities of combinations of product patterns and available surface and color variants are presented in the summary below:

CALLISTO ambra, bianco, nero, bronzo, vero, mokka, granito Wena, Grand, Bruk Simple, Fantasy, Simple.
MULTIKOLOR diamond, gothic, colours of shell, light, dark, colours of autumn, york, natur, dark, corten: selected slabs Mandal, Nova’k, Vjetra®, Metro, Metro XL,  Wena, Grand, Bruk Simple, Fantasy, Trend, Mosaic*, Medio*, Magnum*, VIVA*, Linea* , ecoLinea*  (* selected colors).
TRIKOLOR pixel, camel, carrot Nova’k, Metro, Metro XL, Wena
TECHNO white, steel, gray, carbon Mandal, Vjetra®, Master, Master XL , Perfect, Smart, Multi, Solid, Style, ecoSolid, Cube.
GALAXY galaxy white, galaxy carbon Metro, Metro XL, Medio, Magnum, Simple
STANDARD gray, graphite Metro, Wena, Bruk Simple, Fantasy, Trend, Starobruk, Simple, Unique Stone, ecoLinea*, Płyta ażurowa*  (*selected colors)

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