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Curbs are popular and irreplaceable products used to finish and protect asphalt surfaces, pavements and local car parks. They complete the entire of the pavement design.  BRUK curbs have been discreetly blending in with the surroundings of public space for many years. We offer a full range of them – from an ordinary road curb (also in a 1/3 length version) through a light  and heavy road curb, up to the overrun and pitched curbs.

NEW 2023! CURB 12x25x100.






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Shapes and dimensions

Product details
Number of elements in the system1
Appearancecube shape | detalis in technical sheet | beveled on one side, with rounded edges
Decorative concrete designationedging of bicycle paths in public space | element separating different types of surfaces | element stabilizing surfaces | edging driveways and parking lots | edging walkways | edging roads | entrances, paving driveways end | lowering curbs in the curbs line | edging of paths, sidewalks
Logistic data
Pallet weight [kg]

road curb 15x30x100 cm: 1140

road curb 15x30x33 cm: 1120

havy road curb 20x30x100 cm: 1040

light road curb 12x25x100 cm: 1240

overrun curb 15x22x100 cm: 1280

pitched curb 15x22 30x100 cm: 1400

curb 12x25x100 cm: 1400

Numer of pieces / number of layers per  pallet

road curb 15x30x100 cm: 12 pcs/2

road curb 15x30x33 cm: 36 pcs/2

havy road curb 20x30x100 cm: 8 pcs/2

light road curb 12x25x100 cm: 20 pcs/2

overrun curb 15x22x100 cm: 18 pcs/3

pitched curb 15x22 30x100 cm: 16 pcs/4

curb 12x25x100 cm: 20 szt./2

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