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Mandal® paving stone are at the opposite pole of minimalism. They captivate: with elegance, craftsmanship and decorativeness. They also skillfully combine tradition and modernity. Their form charms all those determined to distinguish their pavements with beautiful designs. They are a functional design concept that combines thoughtful ECO-idea and aesthetic functions.

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D’ECO style,

a new look for paving stone

Modern ornamentation

Mandal® stands for sophisticated design and decorativeness. Its uniqueness is evidenced by its unique design. This is a paving stone for those who love of beauty and are tired of all-encompassing geometrization and minimalism.

Beauty in ECO style

Mandal® is an ECO style paving stone. It allows the construction of ecological pavements with 2 different, biologically active areas. Each equally attractive and environmentally friendly.

Unique combination

Mandal® is a harmonious combination of contradictions: tradition with avant-garde, utility with artistry, and all in the spirit of eco. This is a block for the discerning, who appreciate uniqueness and the quality behind it.


Mandal® is the quintessence of modern ornamentation, drawing inspiration from art deco or Oriental art. It’s a feast for those who appreciate sophisticated design oscillating around soft lines and artful shape.

2 layouts – 2 ECO pavements


What is biologically active area?

  • it is a soil surface that allows natural vegetation and water retention
  • biologically active areas may include land planted with trees and shrubs, lawns, soil- or gravel-filled beds, ponds.

What is the function of biologically active areas?

Extremely relevant. They are essential for the proper development of flora and fauna, they ensure, among other things, proper water retention and drainage into the ground, and have a positive impact on air quality thanks to the vegetation growing there.


  • a light-reflecting concrete surface. It is created by incorporating thousands of reflective microgranules into the top layer. It does not emit light on its own.

Available soon.

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Shapes and dimensions

Product details
Number of elements in the system1
Appearanceflat surface with relief
Thickness (cm)10
Shapepolyhedral figure based on a circle
Designationdriveways and car parks | walkways | terraces | garden/paths/alleys | roads | eco
Loads17% surface – pedestrian traffic, vehicle traffic up to 3.5t., vehicle traffic up to 12t. (low traffic volume) | 37% biol. active surface – pedestrian traffic, vehicle traffic up to 3.5 t.
Logistic data
Pallet weight [kg]


Number of m2 per pallet

5,44 (88 szt.)

Number of layers per pallet


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