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Bruk in the times of the pandemic

We have been supporting local charities and institutions helping those in need for years. During the difficult times of the pandemic, we did not stop our activities, but even intensifiedthem. We want to help those who risk their lives to keep us healthy and safe. That is why we decided to support, among others: the Provincial Emergency Medical Services in Katowice, the District Public Health Care Facility in Rydułtowy and Wodzisław Śląski, the Nursing Home in Wodzisław.

Bruk helps Children

All children are important. That is why helping the little ones is especially important to us. The long-term support of institutions such as the District Orphanage in Gorzyczki or the “Teatr za Jeden Uśmiech” Theater is our contribution to the joy and fulfillment of necessary needs of all those who need it most.

Bruk helps Sportsmen

Sport means health. Fulfillment of dreams, formation of physical and mental fitness, training of strength, character and personality. We understand that sport is important. That is why we proudly support athletes of various disciplines and clubs in following their passions. The aid was granted to, among others, the “Enduro Mszana” Association and to the swimmers from the Students’ Sports Club “Aligator”.

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