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Openwork slab

Openwork slabs are available in two options: standard 40 × 60 cm and mini 30 × 45 cm. They are a response to the growing interest in ecology. Each surface, regardless of what it is made of, means more or less interference with the natural environment. The tighter the material is on the street, pavement, alley or square, the more difficult it is for rainwater to penetrate the soil. The answer to pro-ecological needs seems to be materials that allow for the creation of a compact, hardened and durable surface on the one hand, and on the other hand that perfectly integrate with the surroundings and ensure free drainage of rainwater to the soil. Openwork slabs are an element used in the creation of parking lots, squares, strengtening of slopes or biologically active surfaces. They have characteristic cutouts in the perimeter and through holes inside the element. They are considered to be ecological, because the holes in them are usually filled with grass or fine aggregate.


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Shapes and dimensions

Product details
Number of elements in the system1
Appearanceflat surface and straight edges | 2 sizes
Thickness (cm)8 | 10
Shaperectangle | przelotowe otwory | wcięcia w obwodzie
Designationdriveways and car parks | walkways | terraces | garden/paths/alleys | eco | reinforcement of slopes
Loadsvehicle traffic: load up to 3,5 t | pedestrian traffic
Materialvibro-pressed concrete
Logistic data
Pallet weight [kg]

1360: standard

1020: mini

Number of m2 per pallet

9,6: standard

9,72: mini

Number of layers per pallet

8: standard

9: mini

Number of pieces per pallet

40 pcs: standard

72 pcs: mini

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