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Patiflor Pot

Patiflor is a wheel-shaped pot with a one-sided indentation. It has several uses: it can serve as a loose-standing flower pot, act as a kind of flower ‘sound barriers’ in busy streets or be used to construct retaining walls. The rough structure perfectly fits backyard gardens and urban green spaces.

It is also available in a reduced size version, as Patiflor mini.


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Shapes and dimensions

Product details
Number of elements in the system1
Appearancethe shape of a circle with a single incision | 2 sizes
Designationreinforcement of slopes | flower beds | flower beds | planter | walls and pillars
Materialvibro-pressed concrete
Logistic data
Pallet weight [kg]

Patiflor: 700

Patiflor mini: 630

Number of layers per pallet

Patiflor: 3

Patiflor mini: 5

Number of pieces per pallet

Patiflor: 24

Patiflor mini: 60

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