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Vjetra® – one element, numerous possibilities. Modern and innovative paving stones that respond to conscious environment-friendly paving needs. What makes Vjetra® so unique? Its design consists of only 1 element, but this one element offers a tremendous variety of arrangement possibilities. Depending on how it is laid, it allows for making pavements with varying level of ecologically active surface, i.e. surface that lets water permeate into the ground. Whether you need a stylish and simple paving surface or want to create a truly unique eco-friendly design – Vjetra® will be the solution. Choose from a variety of patterns. And make them yours using just 1 unique element.
Vjetra® is an eco-conscious and modern choice.

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Product details
Number of elements in the system1
Appearanceflat surface and straight edges | polygon shape
Thickness (cm)8
Designationdriveways and car parks | walkways | terraces | garden/paths/alleys | roads | eco
Loadspedestrian traffic: 40% an more of biologically active surface | vehicle traffic load up to 3,5 t: 1%-40% biologically active surface | vehicle traffic (load 3,5t - 12 t): 0% biologically acive surface | heavy traffic (KR3) 0% bilogically active surface
Logistic data
Pallet weight [kg]


Number of m2 on a pallet

4,98 (96 pcs)

Number of layers on a pallet


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