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Integration paving

Integration paving was created for people who are blind and visually impaired. There are characteristic nozzles on its surface that serve as a warning against changing direction and the height of the ground, an obstacle or approaching a hazardous area. Such a ground is readily discernible both tactilely (e.g., with feet or stick) and acoustically, which directly increases the safety of people with low vision. Integration paving in public space should be used wherever there is any threat to the blind and visually impaired, e.g. along the edges of sidewalks, platforms, before entering the crosswalk or at the beginning and end of each flight of stairs.


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Product details
Number of elements in the system1
Appearanceflat surface and straight edges | the face with dome nozzles
Thickness (cm)8
Designationdriveways and car parks | walkways | terraces | garden/paths/alleys | roads
Loadsvehicle traffic: load up to 3,5 t | vehicle traffic: load over 3,5 t | low heavy traffic (KR3). | pedestrian traffic
Materialvibro-pressed concrete
Logistic data
Pallet weight [kg]


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