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Bruk Simple

Bruk Simple is paving with bevel in micro dimention, with regular edges and flat surface. After placing it on the surface you obtain the effect of remarkable simplicity and minimalism. Three different elements that make up the design, harmoniously blend with the environment, while allowing the ground create interesting combinations. Bruk Simple ideally suits both urban environment and private estates.

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Product details
Number of elements in the system3
Appearanceflat surface and straight edges
Thickness (cm)6 | 8
Designationdriveways and car parks | walkways | terraces | garden/paths/alleys | roads
Loadsvehicle traffic: load up to 3,5 t | pedestrian traffic | vehicle traffic: load over 3,5 t (only 8 cm thickness) | low heavy traffic KR3 (8 cm thickness only)
Logistic data
Pallet weight [kg]

6 cm: Multikolor: 1420

6 cm: Standard: 1500

6 cm: Callisto: 1480

8 cm: Standard/Multikolor: 1460

8 cm: Callisto: 1550

Number of m2 per  pallet

6 cm - Multikolor/Callisto: 10,66

6 cm - Standard: 10,9

8 cm: 8,29

Number of layers per  pallet

6 cm - Multikolor/Callisto: 9

6 cm - Standard: 10

8 cm: 7

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