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STRUCTUR Hollow post block

These are split hollow blocks for the construction of fence posts. Two sizes of the elements allow the design of wider and narrower masonry structures. The irregular surface of the post elements is due to the splitting technology. Thanks to this, their structure resembles natural stone and look very good in combination with vegetation. When used properly, perfectly match the architecture, as well as gardens in modern and more traditional styles.

Split blocks are suitable not only for the construction of plot fences, but also for the creation of decorative walls or decorative flower beds. In combination with other products from the SPLIT line – palisades and stair steps – they are an extremely creative material for constructing impresive arrangements around houses.


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Product details
Number of elements in the system1
Appearance2 sizes | split on all sides | composed of two elements | powierzchnia łupana przypominająca naturalny kamień
Production technologysplit vibro-pressed concrete
Designationflower beds | construction of the fence posts
Logistic data
Pallet weight [kg]

22x38 cm: 860

38x38 cm: 740

Number of layers per pallet

22x38 cm: 4

38x38 cm: 4

Number of sets per pallet

22x38 cm: 40

38x38 cm: 24

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