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News 24.02.2022

What’s new in the Bruk’s portfolio for 2022? Bet on variety!

Modern in form products and intriguing colors – this is how we can briefly describe this year’s novelties that appeared in our portfolio. We are pleased to present: Nova’k paving stones, XL Palisade, Felix pot, new Galaxy paving and 2 exceptional colors in Multicolor collection: carrot and natur.

To all of you, who are tired of neat patterns, we would like to present you Nova’k paving stone. Its domain is the ability to create eye-catching, dynamic and distinctive paving planes. It will definitely allow you for unconventional approach to your concrete paving.

Our group of decorative concrete will also be expanded with new modern style products. XL Palisade and Felix pot are available in the Royal surface – smooth, with visible graining and noble appearance. Both products address the ever-growing needs of modern concrete finishes.

The real cherry on the cake in our portfolio are the surface and color innovations. First, the intriguing black and white GALAXY surface with a topcoat motif resembling irregularly scattered aggregate in contrast to the solid surface layer. Second, the surprising and very effective combination of white, gray and orange – CARROT color. Third – a modern version of earth colors, i.e., combination of brown shades in NATUR mélange. Fourth and fifth – the new color of the Split surface – YORK MELANGE – and the Royal surface: LIGHT.

Definitely – this product and color offer is an escape from the grayness of everyday life.



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