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News 27.04.2023

The “Well-Laid Design” [original name: Projekt dobrze ułożony] competition is over!

Addressed to architects, designers and students, the “Well-Laid Design” competition tasked them with creating visualizations of architectural structures using Vjetra® paving stones. Among the 120 entries, a jury comprised of Przemo Łukasik, Aleksandra Grzonka, and Adam Maroszek selected the top 3 designs.

The competition ran from 26 January to 31 March 2023. The entries were evaluated according to the criteria set by the organizer. Key factors taken into account included the architectural excellence and innovative aspects of the designs, eco-friendliness, functionality of the paving design pattern, overall impression and work atmosphere, as well as the realism of the visualizations. The winning designs were awarded the following prizes: PLN 15.000 (1st place), PLN 10,000 (2nd place) and PLN 5,000 (3rd place).





1st place: Wojciech Smyczek, design: Gliwice Cultural Center.

The winning design was the Gliwice Cultural Center. “Harmonious integration of paving with the architecture, skillful incorporation of eco-solutions, effective utilization of various design patterns, along with the originality and exceptional craftsmanship, were the elements that led me to give the highest rating to the winning design,” says Adam Maroszek, one of the jurors, manufacturer’s representative and co-designer of Vjetra® paving stone.


2nd place: Aleksandra Masłyka, MAV Studio, House Surroundings

“The entry stands out primarily due to its harmonious arrangement and consistent composition I appreciate the simplicity and lightness of the form, as well as the welcoming character of the surrounding space” says Adam Maroszek about the design that won 2nd place.



3rd place: Łukasz Modrzejewski, Outdoor Education Center.

“The design that claimed the 3rd place captivated me with its exceptional atmosphere and unconventional concept. It certainly stands out with its blend of simplicity and functionality of the space, along with the artist’s remarkable artistic sensitivity,” states Adam Maroszek.


You can find the gallery of competition entries  HERE

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