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News 28.03.2022

Red Dot 2022 for Vjetra® paver blocks!

We received the prestigious international industrial design award Red Dot 2022 in the Product Design category. This most important and most appreciated in the world of design award is a great honour and a great success of our company. The Red Dot awarded to Vjetra® places the product among the world’s leading products in terms of class, quality and innovation. We are the first and currently the only paver blocks manufacturer in Poland to receive this prestigious award.





One element, numerous possibilities


  • 2-in-1 SOLUTION
    Vjetra® allows you to build 2 types of pavement: solid and biologically active. It therefore makes it easier to ensure that there is an appropriate ratio of developed space to green space on the property.
    The unique geometric form and the characteristic interlocking of the paving blocks give the solid surface made of Vjetra® better stability compared to a surface built with traditional rectangular paving blocks.
    In contrast to other openwork solutions, Vjetra® makes it possible to create an almost unlimited number of ECO-designs and, consequently, it allows to create original and impressive concepts of surfaces with various degrees of water permeability into the ground.
    Vjetra® makes it possible to reduce the cost of paving. They decrease in proportion to the amount of biologically active area used in the paving plane (the larger it is, the lower the development cost). Depending on the arrangement, 1m2 of Vjetra® can cover almost 3m2 of paved surface.
    Appropriate arrangement of the elements and maintaining free spaces of different size between them makes it possible to lay pavement with varied share of biologically active surface and, consequently, to ensure natural water retention and lower heating of the pavement during intense sunlight.

Red Dot is one of the most important and renowned design competitions in the world. Since its inception, it has been organised by the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen, based in Essen. The distinction is awarded by an international panel of independent experts. Since 1995, it has been awarded to products distinguished by top-quality design and innovation. The “red dot” – the dream of every designer – is something to be proud of: the globally recognized logo is a proof of quality in the world of design. Often referred to as the “Oscar of design”, it is also compared by many to Michelin restaurant stars.


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