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News 05.03.2021

One element, many possibilities – Vjetra® – an innovative novelty in the Bruk’s offer.

2021 brings many novelties to our portfolio. One of them is an innovative eco-paving stone. Ladies and gentlemen, we present Vjetra®

Vjetra® is a unique concrete paving stone. It is a one piece element with a unique shape that hides an incredible wealth of design possibilities. Vjetra® will allow the creation of impressive paving in a uniform and, most importantly, ecological edition. Vjetra® is the answer to the conscious eco-needs of the users

Like no other paving stone, Vjetra® will let you to create a paved and environmentally friendly surface. But that is not all. Since it has a form of one piece, it is possible to create surfaces with various degrees of water permeability to the ground, i.e. with smaller or larger spaces between the stones. There are plenty of patterns to choose from. And they are all feasible, thanks to this one shape.

Vjetra® is a conscious and modern choice. Let the eco spirit spread among the surface!

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