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News 21.02.2023

New products on offer from Bruk in 2023.

We want to change the stereotype of thinking about paving blocks. Act differently. Want more. And discover new.

Act differently, that is – to move away from existing operation models. Go beyond the usual patterns. Focus on quality, unique design and conscious use of space.

Want more, that is – to persistently pursue development, becoming pioneers of innovative solutions. Try to meet your expectations by creating a new quality product. Minimize negative impacts on nature with environmentally conscious policies.

Discover new, that is – to launch new products, unique in shape, design, color and format.


News 2023

Mandal – quintessential modern ornamentation, drawing inspiration from art deco or oriental art.

A feast for those who appreciate sophisticated design oscillating around soft lines and artful shape. A block for those tired of all-encompassing geometrization and minimalism. A harmonious combination of contradictions: tradition with avant-garde, utility with artistry. And all in the ECO spirit

Mini and King edging – both come in the noble Royal paving variety. And although they stand at two extreme ends of the size chart, they play an equally important role in arranging the space around your house.

In the middle of this year’s novelties — the star of your terrace: Medio in M size. This scaled-down panel visually fits in with modern large-format trends. The reduced size means less weight and therefore easier stacking.

Tri-color – melange in the modern edition.

Unlike the Multicolor surface, it has a reduced incidence of several colors on a single piece and a clearer separation of the combined colors on the surface. This is why visually the paving is perceived as being laid with blocks of 3 colors. The energetic carrot is joined this year by monochromes: camel and pixel.
Available in the following products: Metro, Metro XL, Wena, Nova’k.

V-Vjetra – a variant of Vjetra® paving blocks.

It will allow an even more creative approach to ECO-style paving. The apparent grout makes the visual appearance of a paving plane constructed with V-Vjetra look like it is composed of multiple triangles.

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