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News 18.05.2023

More new products on offer from Bruk

This year’s spring brings a wide range of new additions to our product offerings. In May, Bruk’s portfolio will expand to include more paving and decorative products. What do they all have in common? Definitely modern design and enlarged size.

Large-format products continue to be the most sought-after among paving solutions. They work great in modern-style spaces. However, the diverse selection of pavers and colors allows our new spring collection to be versatile, suitable also for classical spaces. This versatility contributes to their growing popularity



NEWS 2023


Concrete slab which is an ideal choice for enthusiasts of simplicity and believers in the „less is more” philosophy. Minimalist and modern – it will add a geometric touch to the space. It facilitates the creation of a calm yet striking background or, conversely, a dynamic and expressive one that breathes life into the area. Available in two sizes: 20cmx80cm and 40cmx80cm.


The slab which will add a timeless dimension to any terrace. It seamlessly enhances modern spaces with its stylish appeal, but also finds applications in more traditional settings. It allows a great deal of versatility, which becomes the key to its success.
Micro-chamfer allows to obtain nearly uniform surface. Laying is made easier and faster through the option of installation on adjustable supports (ventilated terrace).

MEGA palisade 

Concrete palisade which is a solution for spaces dominated by modern style. It will create a minimalist flower bed, separate the pavement from the lawn, and help organize a fashionable space around the house. The large format in two sizes (20×80 cm and 40×80 cm) will work well in any modern setting.


Provides ample opportunities for versatile arrangements in a modern style. It harmonizes perfectly with contemporary gardens or the surroundings of your home, whether it be as an eye-catching low wall, a minimalist or a unique flower bed

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