Bruk with the Platinum Statuette in the “Przedsiębiorstwo Fair Play” program

20.11.2018 Bruk with the Platinum Statuette in the “Przedsiębiorstwo Fair Play” program

We would also like to proudly inform you that our company won a special award – the Platinum Statuette – in the latest, 2018, 21st edition of the “Przedsiębiorstwo Fair Play” (Fair Play Business) program.


The Bruk company was awarded its first Fair Play Company title and certificate in 2009. The Platinum Statuette is a special award given to companies which had received the title and certificate continuously for 10 years.

Let us recall: the main goal of Przedsiębiorstwo Fair Play (Fair Play Company) is to promote companies which adhere to fair conduct, act ethically and maintain positive relations with the local community. Therefore, the program promotes ethics in business, supports the development of companies, promotes operating in accordance with the law, encourages ethical behavior and, consequently, appropriate changes in work organization and training in this field. The program is organized by „Instytut Badań nad Demokracją i Przedsiębiorstwem Prywatnym” (Institute for Private Enterprise and Democracy Research), which is affiliated with “Krajowa Izb Gospodarcza” (Polish Chamber of Commerce).

The Fair Play Company certificate attests for the reliability of the company and their care for proper relations in all areas examined during the program. It is awarded to businesses which have met all the regulatory requirements, and thus:

• create working environments which allow their employees for professional development and effective work,
• are sensitive to the needs of the local environment,
• actively participate in charities,
• meet their obligations towards the State in a timely manner,
• advertise honestly and reliably without discrediting their competitors,
• act reliably towards customers,
• are able to satisfy even the most demanding customers with the quality of their products and services,
• cooperate with their contractors and are never in arrears,
• their activities are environmentally friendly.

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