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News 11.04.2023

Bruk received the Reliable Company Certificate for the 5th time!

The Reliable Company Certificate is proof of the reliability and integrity of the company in all its areas of operation. This award informs contractors and customers that the company they want to do business with is characterized by exceptional professionalism and reliability.

The company’s stable financial position, commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) principles, high standards of staff and management, and recognition among well-established and respected companies – all of this is attested by receiving the certification. The evaluation process involves a three-stage verification conducted by experts, consumers, and business partners. Its purpose is to distinguish companies that respect the principles of free competition, consumer rights, promote pro-social activities and strengthen economic patriotism. Receiving the award is a proof of transparency, integrity of the company and a signal that it is worth recommending.

We are truly pleased to announce that as a 5-time award winner, we also received a Gold Certificate.


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