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News 11.02.2021

Bruk received the Reliable Company (Solidna Firma) 2020 Certificate!

This is already the 3rd award given to our company. We are proud that once again we have received confirmation of our reliability and integrity in business. Confirmation that we are a reliable company in many aspects of our business operations.

The Reliable Company Certificate distinguishes companies in a three-stage verification process. Its purpose is to distinguish companies that respect the principles of free competition, consumer rights, promote pro-social activities and strengthen economic patriotism. Receiving the award is a proof of transparency, integrity of the company and a signal that it is worth recommending. It is also a confirmation of a stable financial situation, high standards of management and staff.

Companies are evaluated and verified by experts, consumers and business partners. The evaluation jury is composed of, among others, representatives of the Government, Sejm and Senate of the Republic of Poland, state administration, professional or territorial self-government, heads of banks, organizations, enterprises and media supporting the transparency of economic turnover and other persons of public trust.

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