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News 30.11.2020

Bruk awarded with the “Fair Play Company” (“Przedsiębiorstwo Fair Play”) Certificate for the 12th time!

We are truly proud to announce that our company, for the 12th time, received the award testifying to the reliability, integrity and responsibility of the operation. In 2020, the “Fair Play Company” Certificate was awarded to 198 companies from across Poland, confirming that they operate in accordance with applicable laws and business ethics.

The “Fair Play Company” program is affiliated with Krajowa Izba Gospodarcza (Polish Chamber of Commerce) and organized by Instytut Badań nad Demokracją i Przedsiębiorstwem Prywatnym (Institute for Private Enterprise and Democracy Research). This is the most recognized award in the area of business ethics. This year’s edition was held under very challenging conditions. Joining the program in the times of the pandemic is a sign that even now – or perhaps especially now – it is worth to play fair in business.

Distinctions are awarded based on a thorough verification of candidates. After qualifying to the 2nd stage, the nominated companies are audited, thanks to which the “Fair Play Company” Business Quality Certificate is awarded to honest and reliable companies. The verification process evaluates the manner of building relationships with customers, contractors, employees, government bodies and the local community, as well as care for the natural environment.

We are proud that once again our philosophy and the values that guide us have been recognized and appreciated.


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