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News 21.01.2020

Bruk awarded with the “Fair Play Company” Certificate 2019.

For the 11th time our company has been awarded the prize confirming business reliability, honesty and responsibility. The Fair Play Certificate is awarded to companies that are guided by the principles of business ethics on a daily basis.

The “Fair Play Company” is a two-stage certification program which verifies companies in terms of reliability, relations with the business environment and how they engage in local community initiatives. Organized since 1998 by the Foundation “Institute for Private Enterprise and Democracy Research” and the Polish Chamber of Commerce, it distinguishes companies which:

  • carry out their activities within the limits and under the applicable law
  • settle all liabilities to employees, counterparties, US, ZUS and borrowers on time
  • create conditions conducive to effective work, professional development and stability in private life for their employees
  • shape their position without discrediting their competitors,
  • behave credibly towards customers
  • work well with counterparties
  • satisfy even the most demanding customers with the quality of their products
  • are sensitive to the needs of the local environment
  • are active in the field of CSR
  • take care of their operations in an environmentally friendly manner.

We are proud that once again our philosophy and the values that guide us have been recognized and appreciated.

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