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News 11.08.2022

Bruk as a Business Cheetah and a Great Diamond of the Polish Economy 2021.

The European Business Institute has once again recognized our company in all the competitions it organizes. Bruk Sp. z o.o. was awarded the following the titles, among others: Business Cheetah 2021 and Great Diamond of the Polish Economy 2021.

For 16 years, the portal and the European Business Institute have been analyzing the financial performance of Polish companies. During that time, more than 200 000 companies have already been evaluated. The analysis is mainly based on publicly available, reliable and official financial data, which can be found in the National Court Register. This type of research works well in assessing the reliability of business partners.

The Business Cheetahs Competition has been organized since 2006. Prizes are awarded to dynamically developing companies, which produce a specific average of revenue and net profit dynamics in a given period.

Diamonds of the Polish Economy have been awarded since 2008 on the basis of the estimated and correspondingly high market value of enterprises. Companies that exceed a certain ceiling receive, as we did, the following award: The Great Diamond of the Polish Economy.

We are extremely pleased that our company is thriving and each year, based on free analysis, wins awards that confirm its reliability as a proven business partner.

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