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Time for a change? Check out 3 ways to transform your garden into a place of relaxation.

Do you feel it is time to transform your garden area into a place that serves all its users even better? Would you like to turn the green space around your house into a comfortable place for relaxation? We present 3 methods that will let you perform a successful makeover. Let the garden become your favorite place to spend time outdoors.


1. Divide it – zones are important.

A good solution – serving both leisure and the functionality of the garden – is to divide the green area around the house into zones. This will allow you to section the space and separate different parts. This way, we will organize places for various activities in your garden, such as: a playground, or dining, relaxation or cultivation zones. We can separate zones in several ways. The 2 most important are to make changes in horizontal or vertical planes.

In the first case, it is mainly about using many planes in the garden. They can be located at different levels. This is an option for those who have natural terrain variation. Visual organization and differentiation can also be achieved in the garden by using different types of surfaces. They will separate the different zones from each other. Paving stones and slabs on the terrace or walkways, concrete or wooden platforms, gravel or bark in the flowerbed, plants, lawns and water surfaces. Hardening the surface is important especially in places intended for pedestrian traffic or where many people often spend their time. It will save the lawn from damage, muddying, and it will make it easier to set up garden furniture.



But that’s not all – we can also shape the garden space with the help of vertical elements. Pergolas, small walls, glass walls, small garden architecture, appropriate plants – when used properly, they will make it possible to create places shaped like the interiors in the garden – zones that are separated and isolated from each other in a more or less visible way. They will let you have the rest you need at a given moment, with a garden view or in isolation from the rest of the world.



2. Remember about the atmosphere – the furnishing is important for relaxation and metamorphosis.

An important, although underestimated element that can transform the garden beyond recognition, is its furnishing. How to select it? First of all, by asking ourselves the question: how do we rest the best and most often? Laying and sunbathing? Practicing sports? Preparing delicious food? Or maybe having fun with friends? Once we answer this question, we already know whether to invest in a garden leisure set, a swing, a playground, a good deckchair, a brick grill, a fireplace or a swimming pool.

If we want to achieve a unique effect, we can use furniture that stands out from other products. Interesting shape or unusual material is a solution worth taking into account when making this type of changes.

Placing specific furniture in the separated space will also allow us to create a more or less intimate relaxation zone. It is enough to arrange the garden furniture in the form of a square, put a few pillows on the terrace, install a swing on a tree, a brick grill, a table and chairs in the shaded corner of the garden or a fire pit on gravel surface. Wisely separated and equipped space around the house will let us have our perfect relaxation.

A very important element that will help us in transforming the garden, dividing it into zones and creating the right atmosphere is lighting. In order to achieve a spectacular effect we can set up many lighting points in various places.

3. Individualize it – my garden is my space.

Individualizing your garden will also be helpful in its metamorphosis. Careful analysis of what we like and how we prefer to spend time outdoors will let us, on the one hand, stay in the garden more often, and on the other hand will make our garden stand out from many others.

If you are a passionate cook, you should opt for a larger or smaller garden kitchen and a little garden with fresh vegetables and herbs. Children will enjoy a place to play that will also be just for them (builders should have a sandbox, sports enthusiasts will love a football goal, and the agile ones – some playground ladders). If you like to read find a shady place for a swing or a deckchair, have a “garden movie night”, listen to music by the terrace fireplace, warm up by the fire pit, you should bring your favorite colors, flavors and smells to your garden. Simply be there – together and alone – catching all the charming summer moments. This is when your garden truly turns into a special place.


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