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The first impression matters the most: 5 stunning arrangements around the house.

Check out 5 examples of entrances and driveways that combine functionality and style to make a perfect first impression.


1. Dynamic shades of gray.

Shades of white and gray dominate the surroundings of modern houses. The architecture of modern style buildings is kept in the spirit of minimalism and oscillates around geometric shapes. Using the right color and pattern of paving often brings some life and style to the house and the space around it. This is the case with this project. The design of the surface made of concrete slabs, paving stones and rocks unites the whole space, dynamizes it, and thus gives it a unique effect. It is the color and pattern of the surface that become one of the main stars of the arrangement. Particularly in the front, where the color and pattern of the facade are contrastingly reflected in the paved surface. Worth following.

2 . A pastel residence in the mountains.

Maintained in the traditional style, this residence is a “sunny” point against the green background of the mountain landscape. The garden around the house becomes a natural element of the landscape, integrating the incredible view with the surrounding architecture. A functional wide and winding driveway with paving blocks in a color matching the facade gives the impression of cutting through the garden, while it “walks up” to the main entrance, greeting family members and guests. In this way the landscape somehow enters the building. The closeness to nature is also emphasized by the materials used to create arrangements around the house. Everything concentrates on bright sand colors. The lighting along the driveway creates an idyllic atmosphere in the evening.

3. Idyllic in the American style.

Architecture maintained in the American style is an option for those who like architecture in its warm version. The right atmosphere of the house and its surroundings is a result of many factors. It is created by gray roof tiles and the color of the house in combination with white windows, doors and the garage gate, which also has white frames. The atmosphere is also created by stone inserts in the façade, the wooden roof soffit and the surrounding area: gray melange paving blocks, granite surface finish, white gravel stones, simple fence culminating in a white wooden gate… Simplicity, harmony, various shades of gray and white combined with the greenness of the garden create a coherent whole that makes an excellent first impression.

4. With a sunny vibe.

The uniqueness of the surroundings of the house is demonstrated by the skillful matching of materials and shapes that have been used. Selection of colors and forms allows to build a proper ambiance right from the entrance gate. In this arrangement simple, geometric shapes of the building and concrete surface are softened by the undulating lines of the roof. The area around the house attracts attention with its “sunny” vibe, which results from the combination of warm colors, both on the façade and the surface around the building. The skillful use of stone, concrete and wood and the beauty of the minimalistic garden with various shades of green  – all this made it possible to create an impression of uniqueness, which stays in memory for a very long time.

5. Grey sinking into green.

The house and its surroundings maintained in modern climate make a great impression as soon as we come in. The effect here is created by stylistic integrity and color consistency. The most fashionable contrasting combination of two shades of gray (light and graphite) with white is visible both in the body of the building and its surroundings. The opposites are also connected by the surface used – on the one hand large, modern and cubic forms of concrete stones, which were used in two shades. Their elongated shapes and horizontally stripped pattern optically widen the driveway. On the other hand, fine granite paving stone combined with minimalist and raw architectural concrete. The modern garden with its large short-cut lawn is consistently maintained in various shades of green broken by round decorative lamps, planters and rocks in white. The wooden terrace and greenery are warmed by cool shades of gray and white. Everything is coherent, functional and, above all, very spectacular.

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