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Relaxation in the garden? Check out 6 inspiring ideas.

Get inspired by the garden arrangements that have been created specifically for outdoor relaxation.


1. A peaceful view.

Relaxing on the terrace or in the garden with a magnificent view is quite a tempting proposition for many people. Each one of us needs a few moments of peace alone. For these very moments it is best to create an enclave in the garden, surrounded by greenery, that will let you enjoy the beauty of nature. If we have a terrace with a beautiful view, the work is almost done. All we need is a deckchair, a bench, a comfortable chair or a swing and some shade. And we can have some rest.


2. Water madness.

Holidays – the time of relaxation for us and our loved ones. There is no better way to spend those hot days than to relax by the water. And it is best when this water is right in our garden or, ideally, on our terrace! This is true – investing in a backyard swimming pool means many challenges and compromises. However, our efforts will be rewarded with lazy, warm afternoons by the water spent alone or among friends. And finally – evening pool parties can be a highlight of many holidays!

3. Garden flavors of the summer.

On summer days – regardless of the hour – we like to eat outdoors. Coffee and breakfast on the terrace, lunch on Sunday lazy afternoon, ice cream with strawberries as an afternoon tea… outside everything tastes differentbetter. A place that will let us relax comfortably during a delicious meal is a real must-have in the garden. A paved surface, such as a terrace, on which we can put a table and chairs, or a dream of all cooking enthusiasts – a real summer kitchen. Let’s invest in what gives us pleasure. Everything is in our hands and depends on our needs and possibilities.

4. It’s time for a barbecue.

A barbecue is the most popular and enjoyable way of spending free time in the garden. It does not need any complicated preparations. Sometimes all we need to make the garden party a success is a portable grill. However, if we are fans of entertainment to which food is only an addition and we often host others at home, let’s focus on proven solutions. Let’s prepare a suitable place with a hardened surface and furniture, invest in equipment that suits our vision of meals and can prepare enough portions so that no one is hungry. Also consider appropriate canopy and lighting. This will make the time spent at the barbecue a pleasure for everyone – the hosts, the guests and… the neighbors.

5.  Garden party

There is no need to convince outdoor enthusiasts that garden parties have some special charm. Such get-togethers can be of various types – more or less formal. Regardless of this, we should remember about a few basic rules.

People usually stand during outdoor parties, but we should provide guests with some places to rest. Garden loungers, deckchairs, chairs and even blankets or cushions are perfect for this occasion. Tables with food and tableware, menus, accessories and decorations will depend on the number of people, our creativity and the very nature of the meeting. The best place for such parties are terraces that do not have balustrades and are open to the garden. The hardened floor, where the table or buffet is placed, will serve as a dining center. Everything else can take place in the green part of the garden. Remember about a rain cover and appropriate lighting. In the evening it will guarantee the right ambiance.

5. Evening chill on the terrace.

Summer evenings on the terrace or in the garden can be spent relaxing in various ways. The outdoor space is a perfect place to relax alone or in a group of friends, by the fire. A terrace fireplace or simply a garden fire pit would be perfect for this purpose. Although both solutions require smaller or larger investments, they will be very useful in our climate. Staying outside will be a pleasure even on cooler or even rainy days.

Another surely unique evening entertainment that will delight both the family and the guests is the garden cinema. All you need is a stretched fabric or other type of screen, a laptop, a projector, speakers, a seating area, snacks and possibly some ambient lighting, and the recipe for an unforgettable evening is ready.

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