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Multikolor: get inspired by colors and transform the space around your house!

Looking for the perfect paving stones or slabs for your property? Not sure whether to choose single or multi-colored products? See 5 arguments to find out that color melanges are made for your house!


1. Choose expression.

Color melanges are very popular. They owe their success to several factors. One of them is definitely their unique aesthetics. Combining many colors on the surface can give a truly remarkable effect in the arrangement of space around the house. Multicolored surface has the potential to be the main star of the entire project, adding expressiveness to it. If you want your property to gain style and character, reach for melanges. The chances of a unique effect increase, if the facade of the building is minimalist, single-colored, does not contain many accessories. Expressive colors will definitely change its style.

2. Create a background for your house.

Melanges are not only expressive – due to the rich color palette, Multikolor paving stones and slabs also allow to create a background for the whole project. Thanks to blending of colors, the surface is not uniform, and thus charms and attracts attention, but not in an obtrusive way. It simply manages to highlight the uniqueness of the architecture and surroundings while blending into the context. This unique feature allows you to create a design that is visually appealing on the one hand, but on the other hand it relates to the shades of the house and its surroundings. It allows you to combine colors of the whole house surroundings and complement the arrangement.

3. Make reference to colors and materials.

A particular advantage of melange paving is that, thanks to its multicolored nature, it easily relates to the colors of the house and the different materials used in its surroundings or on the facade. No matter the color and whether it is wood, decorative stone or brick, the melange color palette allows for easy and visually appealing combinations. Not only based on similarity, but also on contrast or complementation. If you are wondering if melange is right for your house, and you want to create a cohesive effect – do not hesitate.

4. Paint landscapes.

It is not without reason that color melanges are often described as inspired by the colors of nature. It is the nature that creates the most unique color combinations that man can only take as a model to follow. The combination of greenery and unusual colors are features of unique natural landscapes. That is why surfaces with intense colors look so good in gardens and on terraces. Do not be afraid to choose juicy colors, create unusual color combinations and simply – just like nature – your own unique landscapes. Let your house, garden or terrace stand out.

5. Be practical.

Multicolored surfaces owe their popularity not only to their unique aesthetics, but also to the fact that they are very practical. On surfaces created with the use of melange paving stones or slabs, dirt is not as visible, which is especially important in places where paving is used intensively. Dark and intense colors will therefore work very well on driveways, terraces or walkways leading to the entrance of the house.

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