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Architectural concrete pots – inspiring solutions for modern gardens.

Architectural concrete is one of the favorite materials of the modern style. It appears in gardens and terraces in various forms, and one of the most popular is planters. Find out why and how you should use them around your house.


Architectural concrete planters come in many formats, shapes and colors. However, they all have one thing in common: the raw beauty and uniqueness of the material they are made of, durability, stability and resistance to weather conditions. If you add to this the minimalist design and the fact that concrete works really well with nature, you get a complete answer to the question of why concrete platers appear in gardens so often.

In modern arrangements, planters can be used in many ways. Let’s see how they grow to be the main star of the garden and how they act as a distinctive utility-design element in the garden.

1. Choose planters

Concrete planters look very good individually, but they present their full modern charm when combined together. Interesting compositions of different colors, geometric shapes and sizes make them grow to the rank of the leading element in the garden arrangement. They are the focus of all attention, and they are what makes a project attractive. They give it elegance, fitting perfectly in modern green arrangements, thanks to their minimalist design. Short cut grass, decorative stones, bark, evergreen plants, simple geometric paths, wood – these are the best companions for concrete planters. Together they are a great solution for green spaces arranged in modern style.


2. Concrete details.

Architectural concrete planters most often appear in the garden or on the terrace as a functional and decorative detail. Depending on the color and format, they can either blend into the background like a chameleon, complementing the arrangement (gray colors) or highlight it with an interesting detail (white, black). Their simple forms without any decorations are particularly well suited to gardens in a modern style, which are dominated by order and geometry. Concrete is great for emphasizing the natural beauty of plants, planters made of it are very well suited for various roles: thanks to the different sizes available, they can accommodate larger and smaller plants. They will create a flowering balustrade on the terrace, separate different parts of the garden from each other, and become the central point of the terrace.

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