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5 inspiring ideas for a driveway.

The driveway is one of the first showcases of your house. It does not have to surprise with unusual materials or patterns to be impressive. It turns out that all it takes to make a very good impression is the right choice of color, pattern and surface shape. Here are 5 ideas for ordinary-unusual driveways that may inspire you to create your own design.


1. Symmetry and contrast.

At first glance, the performance of this driveway-car park does not surprise with anything special. The ingenuity, however, lies in the right choice of color matching the facade colors and their contrasting reflection in the surface. Dark and light colors of paving stones, as well as their appropriate arrangement – straight lines and right angles corresponding to the shape of the building – made it possible to obtain an exceptionally interesting effect. Undoubtedly, the key to success is skillful handling of the elongated paving form. Turning the dark-colored paving stones by 90 degrees in relation the light-colored ones visually separates the parking area from the rest of the driveway. As you can see, not only fine patterns can give an interesting effect.

2. Washed elegance.

Sometimes the surface should be only the uniform background of the house. Especially if its architecture is very impressive. This is the case in this project. The noble texture of washed paving stones and their enlarged format – this is all it takes to create a minimalist, yet elegant and modern setting for unique architecture. The use of patterns, different textures or colors could disturb the perception of the whole project, introducing chaos. Sometimes less really does say more.

3. A prelude in the form of a driveway.

A long driveway turns out to be a kind of introduction to the proper part of the house surroundings. The use of material homogeneous in color and form from the very beginning of the driveway will allow you to unify all the components of the house surroundings, and thus help you build the atmosphere of the property already from the entrance. A surface consistent with the color of the facade, inserts and borders corresponding to the color of the roof, simplicity of the shape softened by delicate curves – as much and as little is enough to make the surroundings of the house look ordered and harmonious, and thus create an extremely positive first impression.

4. Patterns and colors.

Patterns on the surface are a solution proposed for large paving surfaces. By combining colors, shapes and creating patterns we dynamize the space and avoid the impression of monotony. Such projects – although impressive – require skills. Exaggeration can result in the impression of chaos that negates any intention of exceptional effect. The dark gray paved surface is broken here by white stripes of paving stones and slabs. They separate the components of the driveway or walkway. The whole harmonizes with the color of the facade and roof. Symmetrical and geometric patterns create a sense of order. For people who want their pavement to stand out.

5. Eco-friendly driveway.

The so-called eco-friendly paving stones and slabs allow us to build active ecological surfaces. Therefore, the driveway design can combine not only stability and hardening of the surface, but also care for the environment. This task is undoubtedly much easier when we use in the project products that allow simple joining, without the need for cutting. This is the case with this driveway. It uses Linea and ecoSolid slabs. They match each other in terms of dimensions, so we can put them together, combining functionality and modern aesthetics with eco solutions. Color mélanges of oblong Linea slabs are complemented by ecoSolid slabs. The free spaces have been filled with grit. Everything forms a coherent whole. Let’s give it an eco A-plus!

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