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5 ideas for impressive use of washed paving stones and slabs around the house.

Washed surface is one of the types of the so-called noble paving. Paving stones – often referred to as “the ones with the topping” – have an exposed layer of aggregates on their surface which is a result of a specialized manufacturing method. As a result, they have a rough texture that is not only extremely impressive but also more resistant to slipping. Be inspired by these 5 ideas and see how to use the potential of a washed surface.


1. Impressive from the entrance gate…

The advantage of washed paving stones is that sometimes just the fact of their presence is enough to help create the right atmosphere thanks to their noble texture. Of course, for this to work, you need to properly match them to the character of the property, including in terms of color and format. The beautifully colored, noble paving provides a complementary – and elegant – background to modern architecture or natural facade materials. Definitely a good choice for anyone who wants an impressive surface in a minimalist design.

2. … And impressive from the entrance door

Combination of paving stones in two – often contrasting – colors is a solution worth choosing, because it can give unique effects. Dressing these colors in geometric patterns will diversify the arrangement and add dynamism to it. Patterns can have a utility role (separating sections e.g. a sidewalk) or simply a decorative role (stripes referring to the facade). Asymmetry or symmetry, reversing the direction of laying the paving stones – it costs some effort, but skillfully used will make the surface stand out. In this case, the result is created not only by the beautiful structure and format of the paving stones, but also by the way they are arranged. It pays off – especially at the entrance.

3. From the terrace…

What are the advantages of using paving stones or washed slabs on your terrace? Firstly, the surface is not only visually attractive but also very practical. Frost resistance and increased slip resistance are the two biggest advantages of washed surfaces. Secondly, paving stones have a great chance to become the main decoration of the terrace. If it is of a considerable size or you do not intend to place much on it, and you want to avoid ordinariness and decorative patterns – washed paving stones are the ideal choice. Consider especially the very impressive washed melanges. And thirdly: the use of such a surface on a terrace, surrounded by nature – is an almost ideal combination, due to the more natural look of the paving stones. Why? To get an answer to this question, we need to go further…

4. … Into the garden.

The texture of the washed surface looks very good in the company of plants, stones or wood. They complement each other in an unique manner. All due to the fact that it somewhat imitates the natural stone, which is granite. Washed paving stones are therefore worth using as a building material for garden paths and alleys. For both modern – organized, with geometric shapes and right angles, and traditional – with subtle, wavy lines and irregular forms. The versatility of washed surfaces makes it possible to install them in gardens of different styles. Like a chameleon – they will adjust and delight with their texture.

5. Around the house.

What are other ideas for using washed surface around the house? Use it wherever you want to achieve a high level of aesthetics and elegance. And also where a better anti-slip effect matters. The band around the house, the walkway, the pool surroundings – they will gain improved appearance and level of safety, whether in summer or winter.

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