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The secret of beautiful surroundings around the house – ranking of popularity of paving stones and slabs

Variety, functionality and durability – these are the qualities that make paving stones enduringly popular. The range of concrete paving products is huge, which means that choosing the best solution is often not easy. How not to get lost in the maze of patterns, formats and colors available on the market?

On the one hand, it is worth remembering about a few basic rules: the paving stones should match the style of the house and garden, their colors should match the colors of the roof, facade or other dominant element in the surroundings. You should use a maximum of 3 colors. The size and format depend on the size of the space you want to develop, and the thickness on the load the surface will be subject to. Purchasing good quality paving stones and slabs, created with the use of the latest technology, will allow you to enjoy a beautiful visual effect for many years. When choosing a concrete surface, it is wise to refer to solutions that are popular among reputable manufacturers. The ranking of paving stones and slabs of Bruk is a hint which patterns are worth choosing to achieve the desired result.

No. 1 – Straight to the garden:

The best solution for the garden and development around the house is Bruk Simple paving stones. Its popularity is the result of its simple form and, consequently, versatility of use. The 3 pieces with subtle micro-chamfer are available in an extensive palette of colors and surface types. Color mélanges from the Multikolor series or the Callisto washed structures are a proposal for lovers of modern and traditional style in the PREMIUM edition. Due to its moderate size, Bruk Simple is perfect for modern gardens, for creating terraces, paths or driveways with right angles and geometric shapes. Bruk Simple looks equally impressive around houses maintained in traditional style. It is definitely a “small stone with great possibilities”.

No. 2 – With Metro to the driveway

Modern-style architecture looks particularly good when surrounded by surfaces made of paving stones with enlarged format. If we add to this the elongated shape of the elements, we have a chance to achieve a spectacular layout with relatively little arrangement effort. Metro paving stones are 6 elements of different dimensions, of exceptional slender form that can be used on surfaces with vehicle traffic up to 3.5 tons. Metro works particularly well for driveways and large squares. The shape of the stone causes the effect of optical elongation of the surface. 7 color melanges of the Multikolor series and 8 types of the Callisto washed surfaces make it possible to match the various colors of the facade or roof. The combination of interesting form and colors is certainly the key to a spectacular driveway.

No. 3 – Magnum on the terrace

Terraces made of concrete slabs are growing in popularity. Built according to the traditional art of paving, the products become a more economical option than ceramic tiles glued to a monolithic concrete slab. On the terrace, you should use paving elements that are both impressive and practical. The best are those in large formats and colors that use the effect of color melanges. These requirements are met by the Magnum slab. It is a modern product in large format (50x100cm) version available in 5 colors from the Multikolor series, maintained in the shades of white, gray, beige or rusty red. Thanks to Bruk Color Quality and Bruk Protect Quality technologies all Multikolor surfaces have intensive colors and are easier to keep clean.

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