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How to attractively arrange pots around the house?

Pots are elements of small garden architecture with a very large potential. With a little ingenuity, their form, interesting rough texture and various shapes turn out to be really attractive both in practical and decorative terms. See if pots are the right choice for your house surroundings.

Pots are products made of concrete that have no bottom. Used individually or in groups, they can become a building block of many interesting arrangements. Compositions made of pots have a chance to turn into an interesting and functional decoration. However, they are just like any other decorative accessories: improperly used can spoil the whole effect. So what are the attractive ways in which you can use pots?

1. Practical and decorative.

One of the most important advantages of pots is that they can be installed vertically. Vertically positioned large and small walls will create an attractive – tall and ordering – border for spaces that we want to separate (e.g., the relaxation area from the vegetable garden) or simply cover (e.g., bins or unattractive views). They are also a very good alternative to concrete palisades in multi-level gardens – properly assembled they will protect slopes from landslides. Remember, one of the most important benefits of pots is that we can plant them! All you need is a proper arrangement and well-chosen plants to make a slope reinforced with pots or a small wall become one of the main decorations of the garden. So once again the practical dimension is combined with the visual.

2. Plant compositions: flowerbeds and vertical gardens.

An unquestionable advantage of pots is also their wealth of shapes, formats and colors. So they can be used to create really interesting flowerbed compositions. In a variety of styles. A very attractive form of using pots is also the creation of vertical gardens with their use. This is a particular advantage in the case of small spaces, where there is no room for extensive floral compositions on the ground. A soil-filled wall that is resistant to loads caused by plants creates good conditions for rooting and growth of many species. Proper selection of plants will allow you to create year-round and durable vertical garden compositions.

3. A few golder rules of effect.

Concrete pots have many advantages: they are resistant to weather conditions, have an attractive rough texture and – which is substantial – are relatively inexpensive. When you decide to use them, remember about a few rules:

  • First: let’s act with moderation. In terms of quantity as well as the choice of shapes, forms and colors. In this case, the line between attractive arrangement and clumpy effect is easy to cross.
  • Second: concrete pots look very good in the company of plants – remember this, especially if the project involves a large amount of products to use! Choose durable plants that do not create a massive root system. Creeping species look especially good in the pots. Contrasting filling made of decorative stones, small green plants or flowers in one color works well with the use of a small number of products. This combination will also give the composition more modern style.
  • And thirdly: with all vertical compositions, remember about the proper installation of the product. Only the correct installation of pots is a guarantee of durability of the composition.

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