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Concrete on the terrace, or a recipe for an impressive, practical and durable floor.

Are you wondering if making the terrace out of paving stones or concrete slabs is a good idea? Learn the key arguments for using concrete on a terrace and create a practical, impressive and durable terrace floor.
1. First – practicality.

Proper terrace paving is a very important thing. Investing in the right material will enable satisfactory use of the floor for many years without the need for much care and maintenance. Concrete surfaces are the solution for those who are looking for a material that is durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions well. Concrete slabs and stones are frost resistant, tolerate temperature fluctuations well, do not fade or deform, and, thanks to their slightly rough surface, protect against slipping.

2. Second – savings.

The use of paving stones and slabs on terraces is also economical. Assembly of concrete surface using the so called “dry” technology is cheaper and faster (up to about 40%!) than the execution of terraces using the most traditional “wet” method. Terrace slabs or paving stones are laid on a prepared for this purpose foundation, on the ground. Therefore, you do not have to pour out concrete slabs, use expensive adhesives or joints (as is the case with ceramic tiles). Non-glued concrete elements are also quite loosely laid, which makes it easier to replace any damaged parts or to dismantle the terrace.

3. Third – the possibility of choosing

Laying slabs or paving stones on a terrace floor also gives us the possibility of choosing. Not only the color, the type of surface or the form of the material itself, but also the shape of the terrace. It is worth deciding on the surface made of concrete paving stones or slabs already at the stage of house design. Failure to make a concrete footing will allow you to design the shape of the terrace and choose the paving stones or slabs only after the facade is done! Calmly planning the form and harmonizing the surface elements with the design of the garden, driveway, alleys and paths.

4. Fourth – versatility.

Concrete paving stones and slabs are available in such a wide range of colors and styles that we can easily find one to match the colors and style of your architecture, living room interior or garden. You can choose from small and large format elements, simple – cubic and with other forms, monochromatic and melange, with almost smooth or washed texture. The versatility of concrete products – the ability to be used in different spaces around your house – will help you build a cohesive house surroundings.

5. Fifth – response to trends

Concrete paving stones and slabs are materials that not everyone associates with terrace flooring. And it is mistake to believe that. Concrete, which is still very popular, is used – in different varieties – in interiors and exteriors: on walls, floors, as a building block of furniture, planters, various accessories. When used on terraces, it can become an element unifying the interior and the exterior.

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