Unique forms

Architectural concrete transcends many boundaries. It takes different shapes and has the power to transform what is known into unique. Advanced production technology allows to create elements made of architectural concrete, which amaze not only with their sophisticated form, but also with their excellent strength parameters!ch!


Plastic concrete

The use of high-strength concrete, such as UHPC or GRC, instead of traditional reinforced concrete gives the manufacturers of concrete elements almost unlimited possibilities. Self-compacting concrete without rebars is an extremely plastic material. While reducing the problems with the arrangement of rebars in the form, the possibility of casting elements of almost any shape is increased. At this point, architectural concrete is becoming an ideal material for ambitious manufacturers and designers.

Concrete without limits

There is no limit to the use of architectural concrete. Of course, everything within the limits of reason. This material may become an excellent accent both on the facade of a modern office building and on the ceiling of a minimalist bathroom. Currently, concrete is being used to create products with a wide range of applications: concrete surfaces with unique shapes, furniture for interiors or gardens of modern, minimalist and interesting forms. Concrete is also used as a material for making everyday objects, which gives ordinary objects a new unique character.