We create our products based on the latest design trends. The variety of textures, colors and forms meets the expectations of customers who focus on modernity or traditional look of surface products.

Modernity is of value
Modernity and minimalism are still fashionable. Following the latest trends, we are still enriching our offer with products maintained in the modern spirit, which are a great complement to the architecture maintained in such a style. Simple, cubic surface elements with enlarged sizes, in various shades of gray. They are ideal for creating modern patterns, with straight lines, straight angles and geometric shapes.


Washed elegance
Washed Callisto products are characterized by a rough, but at the same time noble surface. Carefully selected aggregates and specialist washing method make these stones have an exclusive and modern look. The most important advantage of this product group is its exceptional aesthetics and versatility. The pavement made of washed stones is perfect for the surroundings of houses maintained in different styles, giving the space a unique style.

Grey is not all
For those who love colors other than the most popular ones, i.e. gray and white, we offer the Colormix line of surface products. A wide range of colorful melanges – maintained in shades of red, gray and beige – allows for the selection of products perfectly matching the architecture and its surroundings. Paving stones and slabs from this series are the answer to the needs of lovers of an original and colorful space. It is an ideal solution for both house terraces and garden paths, as well as for busy promenades.


Ageing, i.e. Nestor
For all those who choose unconventional surface solutions, we offer the use of stones imitating aged stones. The additional processing of products aimed at giving them the effect of pre-patinated paving, allows for creation of a surface which gives the surroundings a warm, harmonious and slightly nostalgic style. Products made with with the use of ageing technology perfectly compose with houses and gardens maintained in different styles, from rustic to modern.