Bruk Protect Quality

When developing our products, we focus on innovation. That is why Bruk products are distinguished by the use of unique technologies, thanks to which the offered solutions have the increased moisture resistance and are easy to keep clean.

Bruk Protect Quality is a system that improves the resistance of our stones to moisture and dirt and at the same time facilitates its cleaning. Small amounts of dirt can be removed from the surface with clean water, and regular care can prevent dirt from penetrating deeper layers. An equally important advantage of BPQ technology is protection of the stones against penetration of rainwater. 

The water remains on the surface, creating a droplet effect. This means that assurance of sufficient gradients at the design stage is sufficient to create a natural drain that requires no further intervention. Thanks to BPQ, the stones do not crack, do not peel under the influence of frost, and do not form an aesthetically unattractive lime deposit on their surface.